12 Week Lifestyle Transformation Package


Are you interested in joining our 12 Week Challenge?
It’s nothing like your current gym’s 8 week challenge 💪 Why? We can GUARANTEE your results. How? This challenge is for ONLY one person.
We are focusing 100% of our time and energy into making sure you achieve your goal in the next 12 weeks. Don’t achieve your goal? MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

What is included:

Weekly Meal Prep✔️
Custom Meal Plan✔️
Nutrition Coach✔️
Gym Membership✔️
Training Coach✔️
Mindset Coaching✔️
One Life Experience ✔️

Weight loss expected can be up to 15kg dependent on your starting weight.

If you want to change your life today. Contact us! If you need to make smaller regular payments for the package, you can discuss with us via Facebook