How to meal prep

Meal Prep? How to and the benefits!

31 Jul 2018 3 comments Brodie Smith Categories Meal Prep, UncategorizedTags , , , , ,

People are posting pics of their weekly meal prep on Instagram and you’re starting to get jealous right? Time to explain why it’s time to board the meal prep train if you haven’t already. It’s not a secret that Instagram is the mecca for foodies, especially seeing as though meal prep is the new thing. Food delivery has picked up ten-fold in the last decade, and now is the time to get onboard. Whether your goal is to become the next fit chef, gym junkie or just need some convenience. All are going to save you money  in the process to reaching your goals! Let’s see how below…

1. Planning is key (15 mins)

The first step is the planning stage. Make a plan of what you want to eat for breakfast, lunches and dinners in the coming week. Create some variation, but keep it simple – that’s key! Meal prep shouldn’t be difficult if you plan correctly. You can get some inspiration from Dirty Clean Eats recipe menu. It’s fantastic and includes the macro nutrients too. Print the recipes because that will help in step 3.

2. Shopping (30-60mins)

Let the shopping begin. Write a list before setting out and ensure to include everything you need to buy as well as snacks and fruit for the week. You don’t want to have to double-back last minute. You should be able to meal prep for under $100 a week – easily. Also note, if you don’t have a set of kitchen scales – pick up a set, it pays for itself in the first week.

Tip #1: If you’re meal prepping on a Sunday, head to the farmers market. The produce is fresher and much cheaper. For all Adelaideans, head to the Gepps Cross Markets for awesome discounts and don’t forget to haggle.

3. Start cooking (60-90mins)

You’ve just got home with this mountain of ingredients. Start by pre-heating your oven, getting rice cooking – basically anything that is going to take time, get it on now. If you have printed your recipes it’s going to help a lot. You may not entirely enjoy cooking, but think of all the time you can save during the week. That time when you’ve come home from work at 7pm and have to cook, and then do the dishes. You’re taking the time now, to save it later.

4. Packaging and Cooling (15mins)

Get all your cooked ingredients laid out on the counter ready for the meal prep to begin. Tare your food containers on the newly purchased kitchen scales, and get packing. Be consistent with your weighing and make sure there is a good mix of proteins, vegetables and carbs. The simple rule is thirds – one third of each.

Food Safety is absolute key. You need to think – What will happen to the meals if I put them straight in the fridge? Let your meals cool down for 10-20 minutes on the counter before putting them in the fridge. For the first couple of hours, space the meals out otherwise the heat will collect in that space and they won’t cool fast enough.

5. Here’s to saving $3276 (0 mins)

Some of you are probably looking at that number, never seeing that in your bank account before. For those who struggle to save for a holiday, getting a new car, seeing that concert they couldn’t afford – here’s your new best tip. According to a recent article by the Sydney Morning Herald, the average household spends an average of $163 per week.

If you can prep for under $100 a week, there’s no doubt you’ll reach those goals faster than you thought. You could create 50 meals for $100, so get started today – don’t wait until Sunday to start!

For those of you struggling to meal prep, or looking for new ideas try our new menu for meals starting at $7 each!  We deliver to all areas of Adelaide #stayfresh